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song order

2008-09-01 12:26:08 by zipybug14

This is the order of sumission of all my audio:
1. "Experiment 1"
2. "Experiment 3"
3. Unfinished version of "One night with the silver moon"
4. "Bounce, Ball, Bounce"
5. "zb14 - Sweeping Darkness"

Dangit, I just can't finish the song I am on. I need to record myself on my viola, but don't have the equiptment yet.


2008-07-23 02:59:06 by zipybug14

Got FL 8 a little back and have got one song online


2007-11-10 23:47:03 by zipybug14

My first post, nothing much to say, but I will not be submitting anything for a while